Casino Performances and Events

The casino as Entertainment Industry The casino is the major entertainment sector. Some casinos arrange fests with various events like dance, different gaming zones, comedy shows and food cuisines. Entertainment is the big business and the Casino sector ranks number one in this domain. It provides a complete package from gambling to other kinds of … Read more

Top 8 Music Festivals in California 2022

There are a few lists of Music festivals that are being organised each year in California. Northern California’s greatest country music live performance gets back to Santa Rosa from June 17 – 19, 2022! In years past the Country Summer pulled in excess of 30,000 fans addressing five nations. Let’s check out the top 8 … Read more

Best California Music Events of 2022

1. Brown Sugar Experience: Midweek Rnb Vibe For The Grown & Sexy! Brown Sugar has followers of about 21741. The entry fees are 0$ – 200$. They organise the best Djs with great themes. Also, the crowd is great with a high vibe and energy. Millennium Age is a debut Lifestyle Event Production Agency. The … Read more

Top 9 Rock Bands from California

California music artists emerged in the 1960s from Southern California. California produces a great aesthetic sound which is quite popular. As the music has the flavour of American pop and rock. Californians like music such as son, Ranchera, and Norteno. Such popular and likeable music is always played on radio stations across the state of … Read more